Steve's Cold Pumpkin Soup

Preheat oven on convection bake to 425° F. Remove skin from pumpkin using vegetable scraper. Scrape out the seeds and cut into rectangles or triangles which can lay flat. Place pumpkin pieces on large baking tray, curved sides up. Place in oven until pieces become soft. Remove them from tray and finish cooking remaining pieces. Allow pumpkin pieces to cool and remove any parts of pumpkin which have burned. Place pumpkin in a food processor and puree several minutes until very smooth.

Sauté onions in butter until translucent. Add 3 cups of the chicken broth and simmer 15 minutes. Transfer onion and liquid to food processor and puree. Return mixture to saucepan. Add pumpkin, rest of chicken broth, sugar and spices, and simmer for 10 minutes. Stir in cream and truffle oil. Chill and serve. Additional truffle oil can be added to each bowl without stirring as a finish. Serves 24 people.