Phở Bὸ (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup)

In a dry pan on low heat, stir-fry star anise, cardamom seeds, and cinnamon stick until fragrant. Turn off heat and add coriander seeds and cloves. Stir and put into a small cloth bag. Grill onion, shallots, and ginger until juice runs out to release the pungency. Then wash them. Wash and drain bean sprouts.

Blanch beef bones in simmering water and 1 Tbs salt to clean them and to remove blood from the marrow. Discard water and transfer bones to a new pan in 6 quarts of simmering water with a little salt. Add grilled onion, shallot, and ginger and simmer for 5 hours.

Put cloth bag with spices into boiling broth. Season with salt, sugar, and chicken bouillon. Continue to boil for another hour.

Quickly blanch the rice noodles and bean sprouts and place in bowl. Top with sliced beef loin strips, sliced onion, and cilantro. Pour the boiling stock into bowl and sprinkle with pepper. By this time the raw beef should be medium cooked. Serve with chilies, yellow bean sauce, sliced red chilies, lime wedges, mint, basil, culantro, and cilantro.

Recipe from Mai Home (Saigon Culinary Art Center)
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