Steve's Pasta in Alfredo Sauce

Make a cheese sauce. (See Cheese Sauce.) It is best to not make the sauce too thick because the pasta will soak up water and will cause the sauce to become thicker after it is served.

Boil the pasta in a large deep pot of very salted water. A thick pasta such as fettuccini should be used because fine pasta such as angle-hair or spaghetti will become “gloppy” once the sauce is added.

While cooking, occasionally taste a piece of the pasta to determine when it is done. The consistency should be “al dente” – a bit chewy but not tough. When the pasta has cooked enough, pour contents of pot into a colander and allow all the water to drain from the pasta. Immediately serve while the pasta is still hot. A little pasta cooking water can be added to the sauce if it becomes too thick.