Steve's Cold Cucumber Soup

* Reese's mint jelly is the best brand for this. Make sure that the jelly is actual mint jelly and not mint flavored apple jelly.

** Kirkland balsamic vinegar is the best brand for this. In a large flat pan reduce 6 Tbl by one-half to produce 3 Tbl of reduced balsamic.

Cut cucumbers in half the long way and remove seeds with a spoon. (It is important to remove the seeds so that the soup will not be watery.)

Cut cucumbers, jalapeno and onion into small pieces. Be careful with the jalapeno adding a little at a time. Some jalapeno peppers are much stronger than others.

Blend all ingredients for several minutes in a food processor.

Refrigerate overnight. This is necessary to allow time for the flavors to blend properly. After refrigerating overnight there will be a big difference in the flavor.