Articles by Steve

Mini-Micro Systems Magazine - Floppy Controller Speeds Access with Cache

February 1, 1983: "On-board file-management and paging systems keep floppy data in controller RAM"...

Digital Design Magazine - Disk Controller Unburdens Real Time Applications

June 1, 1983: Caching disk controller allows host processor to run programs while the disk controller handles access to drives.

Digital Design Magazine - Caching Disk Controller Relieves System Bottlenecks

September 1, 1984: The PM-3010 family of caching disk controllers relieves bottleneck of multi-user applications needed for simultaneous access to the drives.

Computer Software News - High-End Systems Better Off with ESDI

February 20, 1989: "ESDI and ST506 are more cost-effective than SCSI for high-end systems."

UnixWorld Magazine - Disk Controllers Standardized with EATA

December 1, 1989: "EATA is to ATA as EISA is to ISA. Confused? Then this article may be of interest to you."...

Computer Technology Review - SCSI Takes the High Road, IDE the Low

July 1, 1994: "In addition to its obvious advantages, plummeting prices for adapters and drives have reduced the barrier of entry for SCSI."...

White Paper: Planetary Migration and the Late Heavy Bombardment

April 1, 2007: "The early history of the Solar System, though still shrouded in mystery, is slowly being pieced together through continuing scientific inquiry. As usual, what at first appeared to be a relatively straightforward physical process, upon deeper analysis has been found to consist of a surprisingly complex sequence of events and processes interacting on a wide range of physical scales. In the last decade, rapid increases in computing power along with the increasing sophistication of dynamic modeling software has been instrumental in revealing processes which act on the largest scales."