Articles about Steve

Orlando Sentinel - Groovy Battle Nearing

May, 1968: Steve's Band, "Live Oak", appears in a "Battle of the Sounds" at Lake Eola.

Orlando Business Journal - Maitland Manufacturer's Electronic Part Becomes Darling of Computer Trade

July 2, 1989: "Maitland manufacturer's electronic part becomes darling of computer trade"

"If Steve Goldman were a traffic engineer instead of a computer engineer, Orlando's roads might be free of congestion today."...

Orlando Business Journal - DPT Takes Byte Out of Silver 50

October 16, 1992: Distributed Processing Technology gets top spot in the "Silver 50".

Entrepreneur of the Year

December 1, 1992: Steve is awarded "Entrepreneur Of The Year" for 1992.

Orlando Business Journal - Maitland's DPT on Cutting Edge of Peripherals Business

October 11, 1996: "At Distributed Processing Technology Inc. in Maitland, automated machines attach tiny electronic parts to circuit boards at lightning speed, then solder the connections and prepare the units for testing." ...

Orlando Business Journal - Snapshot Steve Goldman

June 19, 1998: Steve chose Physics over Music in college, but still wins 1997 Compsers Guild award for his composition Quicksilver's Salvitude.

Orlando Business Journal - Steve Goldman Composer

October 2, 1998: "... The Goldman touch. Steve Goldman, founder of Maitland-based Distributed Processing Technology and an internationally recognized musical composer, has completed a new piece, "American Sketches," that will be featured in two upcoming Orlando Philharmonic concerts."...

Orlando Arts Magazine - Classical, But Accessible

April, 2000: "Why would a classical musician study physics? "I like to eat," " quips Goldman...

Orlando Arts Magazine - House of Glass

November, 2001: "I built this house as a kind of sculpture," says Goldman...

Orlando Arts Magazine - A Sound Plan

May, 2002: "The newly formed Acoustic Committee has set out to tweak the sound of Orlando's performing arts venues"...

Orlando Arts Magazine - Shooting for the Moon

July, 2002: "Once grounded by financial problems, the Orlando Science Center aims to fly high again, with new management & innovative programs"...

Orlando Sentinel - Found Object Construction Wins $1000, Makes Breakfast

January 19, 2003: "Found object construction wins $1,000, makes breakfast" at Orlando Science Center/Goldman Kinetic Challenge 2003 competition.

Orlando Magazine - The Best Seat in the House

October, 2003: "Whether you are trying to make a big impression, or just want to have the best view, you are going to need the best seat in the house when you go out on the town."...

Orlando Sentinel - Chihuli Shattering Perceptions

January 17, 2004: "Enter the foyer of Stephen Goldman's home in Winter Park, look up -- and tremble! A one-ton cascade of sword-sharp glass dangles just a few feet above your head." ...

Orlando Magazine - The Art of Motorcycling

January 1, 2006: Says Goldman, "On a motorcycle, you can smell nature and you can feel it and you can hear it. It's like flying low. It's nature. It's total exhilaration."

Orlando Sentinel - Mr. Abstract Random

May 14, 2006: "Steve Goldman has a finger in a lot of pies and a helping hand for the cultural community. Welcome to the Renaissance, Steve Goldman style."...

Orlando Magazine - 25 Arts Leaders

September, 2006: "Get philanthropist Steve Goldman on your team and you've got a full-service backer. He not only contributes and actively serves on boards, he also opens his one-of-a-kind home to a variety of arts groups for parties and fundraisers."

American Style Magazine - Through the Glass Clearly

June, 2007: "Classical composer and glass collector Stephen Goldman devotes his life and his living space to championing the arts"...

Orlando Magazine - Double Life

November, 2007: "He grew up equally at ease in the seemingly different worlds of music and science which, to this day, are where Steve Goldman, 56, still lives"...

Mall at Millenia Magazine - Sharing Their Passions

December, 2007: "Steve Goldman was in a college chemistry lab when glass first caught his eye. "I always thought scientific glass was really beautiful. It had a unique, intrinsic beauty, " the Winter Park philanthropist says."...

UCF Central Florida Future - Goldman Physics Lectures

February 20, 2008: UCF officials host a series of lectures on mathematical physics sponsored by Steve Goldman beginning March 1.

Orlando Home & Leasure Magazine - Glass Act

April, 2008: "Curling tendrils of crimson red, electric green and cobalt blue, lily pads of translucent yellow and pink - it's hard not to be intrigued by the creations of renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly. One who has been bitten, hard, by the Chihuly bug is local collector Steve Goldman."...

Executive Living Magazine - Busy as a Bee

June, 2008: "Steve Goldman gets behind efforts to improve arts, education"...

Orlando Sentinel - $100,000 a small price to pay for less clutter

August, 2008: Steve Goldman foots the bill to bury power lines on Venetian Way and Azalea Place, as the first to participate in a city program that lets neighbors share the cost to speed up the process of getting their power lines buried.

Orlando Sentinel - Stepping Into A Premiere Performance

March 27, 2009: "Ballerina Katia Garza's original ballet to Winter Park composer Steve Goldman's score marks firsts in the careers of both creators. It's his debut as a ballet composer, hers as a solo choreographer on the Carr Performing Arts Centre stage."...

Orlando Magazine - The Man in the Glass House

July, 2009: "Steve Goldman pictured his ideal home as one that would reflect his passions for art, science, music and nature. Clearly, he got his wish."

Winter Park Magazine - Clearly Gorgeous

January, 2010: "Steve Goldman's home, like the creations it holds, is a work of art."

Orlando Home & Leisure Magazine - Why I Give

December, 2011: "Philanthropist Steve Goldman's home, decorated with Chihuly glass sculptures, serves as headquarters for his campaign to expand and enhance Central Florida's cultural offerings."

Marin Magazine - Room with a View

January, 2015: "A remodel turns into a complete reconfiguration with stunning results."

Winter Park Magazine - Winter Park's Most Influential People

July, 2015: "Who calls the shots in Winter Park? Here's our compilation of people who really make a difference."

Arts Life - Fantasy Camp for Composers

September, 2015: "Winners of this year's musical challenge get to hear their works played by pros, and so do you."

Orlando Sentinel - How Do We Expand the Urban Parks People Love

September, 2015: "Steve Goldman, a successful computer technology developer-turned-supporter of the arts and sciences, is asking those questions."