Steve's Reduced Shrimp Stock

Use only fresh shrimp - not frozen. Remove shrimp heads and shells and open the shells of the heads. Place shelled shrimp in a covered container and refrigerate for use in Shrimp Bisque or Shrimp Scampi.

Place the heads and shells in a wide shallow pot and sauté in oil over high heat until all shells are red and the liquid is gone.

Then place head and shells in a large deep pot and cover with water. Add the thyme, black pepper, and salt and bring to boil. Once the pot starts to boil, turn heat down to a fast simmer. Lightly sauté the shallots and garlic in oil and add to the stock. During the reduction process, it is important to occasionally skim off the foam which floats to the top of the reducing liquid. Continue to simmer until the stock is reduced by half.

Strain solids from the stock, place the strained stock in a large flat pan, and continue to reduce. Place the solids back in the deep pot, cover with water, and reduce the second stock once again to half. Strain solids from stock again, add the second stock to first stock in the large pan and continue to reduce the combined stocks. This process should be repeated three times to extract all the flavor from the shrimp heads and shells.

Continue to reduce the combined stocks until the final reduction is slightly thick. As the stock get thicker, occasionally use a rubber spatula to scrape the sides of the pan back into the liquid. Turn down the heat towards the end of the reduction process so that the stock doesn't reduce too much and burn. Total shrimp stock reduction should yield about 3 cups